About the blog

I created this blog to present my different experiments in the area of Machine Learning / Data Science / Artificial Intelligence. The projects I presented here have one thing in common: they solve a practical problem using ML algorithms.

About the author

My name is Lucas and I am an Senior IT Business Anayst with over 10 years of experience in IT system development and integration. I have worked for several large international companies from industries such as: IT, finance, insurance, telecommunications, pharmacy and gambling. I took part in multiple IT projects, ranging from small budgets (hundreds thousands of US dollars) to large (multiple millions of US dollars).

A year ago (in 2016), encouraged by a friend, I completed Andrew Ng Machine Learning course on Coursera and I got fascinated by this subject. So I decided to master it.

My approach, presented on this blog is purely problem-solving oriented. As an IT practitioner,  I treat ML as solution to countless problems and challenges in business, medicine, government, environmental protection, science and many other fields. Therefore, here I explore ML applications via practical projects with a clrearly defined problem to solve or goal to achieve.


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